Dickson Vanity is a privately owned company that has been serving the plumbing and home improvement industry since 1999. We are headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with distribution to the Tri-State area and maintain over 50,000 square feet of warehousing with privately owned trucks and dedicated staff to service the needs and requirements of our customers.

Dickson Industries, LLC.
4805 8th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220

The Dickson Difference…

…is how we stand out amongst our competitors

In addition to using Dovetail-jointing construction, Dickson Vanity uses all natural 100% solid wood, 7-layer plywood and solid-core plywood in our manufacturing. Unlike our competitors, our products are made to last year after year, so that our customers may enjoy its beauty well into the future.

With all the pre-built products out there constructed with particle board, like cabinetry from the big box stores or even furniture from major retailers, it’s tempting to use it and even difficult to find manufactured quality items made from something more substantial.

Pressboard, Particleboard, OSB, MDF, and HDF are names that are NOT plywood. Cheaper, newer, younger imposters of the classic and more trustworthy component in a vanity worthy of your standards. Plywood weighs less and is stronger! You will need thicker MDF to come close to an equivalent of wood core plywood for weight bearing and other tasks. MDF uses more glue, and off gasses, and far more formaldehyde than plywood (Which means its worse for the environment!)

Bottom line: plywood weighs less, is stronger, more stable, has more punch strength, sheer strength, etc. than MDF, and is a much wiser choice for cabinetry, carcasses, shelving, drawers, etc. It is also far more stable for longer in the humidity prone environments (bathrooms and laundry rooms). It is worth the extra money for an upgrade to all plywood plus hardwood versus cheap MDF cabinetry. Don’t be fooled by cabinetry called “solid wood” it can still contain MDF.

Quality does not mean expensive! Paying a lot of money doesn’t always buy you quality products! But here at Dickson Vanity, we guarantee customer satisfaction. We promise to offer you a breakthrough product, without breaking your wallet.